Jon’s best game but not if you’re a cat

ImageSo this one time I was at Steve’s house and his cat was asleep on what I’m going to call a pouffe. It’s probably more manly if I say footstool but actually pouffe is a fantastic word.

Anyway, the sleeping cat and a general shortage of things to do led to one of the greatest, most profound games ever made and played.

We call it Cat Jenga but that’s sort of inaccurate. It’s more like cat buckaroo.

Players take it in turns to put an object of their choice on the sleeping cat. The loser is the first person to make the cat so annoyed that it shakes all the stuff off it’s back. Then everyone shouts ‘jenga’ or buckaroo if you’re a pedant.

Incidentally, all the best games involve shouting something. Like uno, pokemon battles and Yes Let’s.

(Optional but ultimately disapointing quiz: These three games above represent a traffic light for me in terms of their quality – great green, average amber and rage-inducing red. But which is which? We’ve never done a quiz before…)

Cat Jenga gets better if you play it with a very sleepy but very angry cat. Steve’s cat (called Nat because it rhymes with cat) is both of those things.

You really need that fear factor. Cat jenga is all about the fear.

And that’s your best thing for today. Have we changed your life yet?