Steve’s best use of Photoshop

ImagePhotoshop is a powerful tool when put into the correct hands. Youtube is infested with videos of really fat people being transformed into someone with stick-thin model-like qualities, just to show that what you see is not necessarily what you get.

Nowadays, it is used in most films to hide the blemishes on “beautiful” people’s faces, and it is a vital part post any magazine photo shoot.

But amongst these devious and deceptive Photoshop users comes those who are more altruistic, that just want to have a bit of fun. They’re not harming anyone.

And so, welcome to the world of fake Photoshop commemorative plaques:


They look so real and completely fooled me the first time I saw them, I suppose I don’t have a cynic’s mind to try and disbelieve in them! This way of using Photoshop really just brings joy to me as it’s quite a fun and novel idea.

This webpage shows a number of fake commemorative plaques, all of which I find pretty hilarious, see what you think.

My favourite plaque is this one, but amazingly, it’s actually real…