Steve’s best photo I’ve ever taken


You can never have too many pictures of penguins in jumpers – photo not taken by me though

I’m definitely glad Jon took fashion week because I don’t think I would have had a keen enough eye to spot the new trends – particularly the statement jumpers – and I think I’m certainly going to go after them next S/S or even this A/W.

If I could choose what to have on the jumper, I would love it to be a picture of a penguin wearing a jumper – they are wicked cool!

Today’s double post Friday post is going to be nice and short, hopefully drawing more attention to the focal point, the best photo I have ever taken:


Hott stuff!

Check this beauty out! It’s perfectly positioned and it highlights all the beautiful aspects of this creature. It’s even got some lens flare!

If you haven’t quite worked it out yet, the creature is a Manta Ray and the photo is taken from underneath. Look how cool they are, I would definitely want to be its friend! And they definitely look like they want to be ours as well…


As we all fancy ourselves photography aficionados from time to time I feel it is important to be brought back to earth, so to regain the balance from showing you my best picture, here’s my worst picture:


I feel this really catches the essence of my finger…

Have a good double post Friday everyone, and remember, whatever you do today, do it double!