Jon’s 5 best ways to embrace the winter

snow swimming

This is you in five minutes after reading this post

Winter is almost here and whereas this man is loving the snow, for most of us we get sad about months of drizzle, wet feet and dark nights.

Drizzle itself is a sad word. It’s maybe the saddest word ever. It’s so close to being cool like its brothers Shizzle, Dizzle and Bizzle. But it’s actually nothing like them.

It describes light rain and that’s all it does. Technically it is rain drops with a diameter of less than 0.2mm. All this makes you wonder firstly who measures raindrops anyway and secondly when am I going to get to the point?

Well, since you asked, here’s my five best tips to help you enjoy a hard winter:

slip flops


1. Get some slip-flops
For all those missing that free-feet feeling of summer – winter flip-flops are maybe the way forward. Of course they are not nearly as good as an actual shoe but I bet they feel great. And even John McClane made fists with his toes on
a soft carpet in die hard. That surely makes the slipper flip-flop hybrid sort of for men.

2. Go grass-sledging

Wait until the rain comes then get your rubber dinghy out and go sledging of sorts. That way you can enjoy the persistent rain because it makes the grass slippery. I haven’t done this since my teens but it looks like it was fun:

grass sledging

3. Winter Barbeques

Pick a dry day, preferably with crispy frost on the ground, get all your friends round in their big coats and cook things with controlled fire. Remember more time outside means less time in the germ-infested inside.

4.  Dress like these guys

sleeping bag coats

When wearing one of these, the pose is actually more important than the jacket

5. Make friends with the radiator

monkey radiator

And that’s all I have to say about that.