Jon’s best trend from London Fashion Week


This is what you will look like in Spring/Summer 2014

London Fashion Week is happening right now. In fact it’s almost over. Steve, our London Fashion Correspondent, decided to pass on the opportunity to comment, but I have bravely stepped up.

Because how can I not comment when big old jumpers are back in town? I’m too pleased to stay silent.

What particularly excites me is not just the big jumpers but the fact that they have a slogan or picture on them.

Statement sweaters – that’s what I’m all about.

Things like this:


My wife is going to love it when I bring three or four of these home

The statement sweater is better than the statement t-shirt because it’s bigger, warmer, and more visible. My gran used to knit them for me and my brothers all the time. Being the youngest, I think I wore them all as I grew up.

This experience didn’t scar me though. It made me powerful like a lion – or sometimes a penguin, depending on which jumper I was wearing.

What I love most about this upcoming trend is that fashion told us to do it. London Fashion Week has spoken – specifically it was Christopher Kane and Fyodor Golan who made us wear them.

I’m using past tense because it is as good as already done. Next spring/summer you will be wearing statement sweaters and you don’t get to decide otherwise.

And that is a good thing. In fact, it’s the best.

The only question remaining is what jumper will you wear to properly express yourself? And you must choose wisely – because knitwear is powerful stuff.

For extra post-post fun, click the image below. It links to a google search with at least 7 seconds worth of value:

penguins in jumpers