Jon’s best author (for non-written reasons)


I like people with funny names.

And Sidebottom is a fantastic surname – the glorious cousin of side-boob. I can just imagine George Clooney signing up for side-bottom but not full bottom. He only does tasteful stuff, that man.

But Harry Sidebottom gets even better when you realise that he is Dr Sidebottom – an expert in his field.

I wish he was a medical doctor. Particularly one that specialised in the side of people’s bottoms. He’s not though. He just wrote some books about a warrior of Rome. They may or may not be good.

If you think this short post is all a bit silly, then you definitely shouldn’t look at our twitter account. And while you’re there you definitely shouldn’t look at one of the 6 people we follow.

But if you did, you might realise that we follow him partly because he’s called Mr Poos.

Incidentally, Samuel does some informative tweets about important stuff. It’s his name that always brightens my day though.

You might also realise, looking at our twitter account, that two of the people we follow are ourselves. We’re bad at social media – so bad.