Steve’s best dance

Interpretive dance, the embarrassing younger sibling of ballet...

Interpretive dance, the embarrassing younger sibling of ballet…

Throughout history there have been many dances, some comical and some serious, spanning generations and bringing people together in a medium many other people don’t understand. Some feel the rhythm whilst some struggle even to ‘jump around, jump, jump’ to House of Pain.

It is hugely prevalent in society and we’re exposed to it nearly every day, be it by simply watching a music video, all the way through to your line manager crunking at you because, frankly, you’re not doing enough work (boy, do I know that feeling…).

Opening a debate on which dance is best will inevitably result in a bloodbath between fluidly and silkily moving groups and so to avoid this, I’ll give you my completely ignorant opinion on which is best:

The Sega dance from Mauritius!

Look at its dynamism!

Look at its dynamism!

Now, you may never have heard of it, and you may be thinking, does it have the grace of the ballet? The finesse of ballroom? The excitement of a Ceilidh? The humour of the arm to knee chicken-like dance (made popular by Ross and Monica on friends)? The mystery of the “I’m sitting down but moving to the music so you can’t actually gauge how good I am at dancing, but I look pretty good” dance (this dance is my forte)?

Nope…it doesn’t.

But, what it does have is a good name. How could you not love a dance which shares its name with the illustrious Sonic the Hedgehog creator company?!

Maybe it’s the big child in me speaking but I definitely am a fan of this dance and I could watch it for hours, and by hours I mean I struggled to watch it for 5 minutes but it felt like hours. Still, I don’t think I’ve ever watched any kind of dancing for more than 5 minutes so I’m going to take that as a positive!

If you are failing to see the amazing side of this dance then may I draw your attention to below, it may not be the actual Sega dance but, let’s be honest, it’s what we all wanted to see, especially on double post Friday: