Jon’s best sequel to Forrest Gump


This is so good.

It’s so good it blew up my mind and took the earth with it. It froze oceans, it levelled mountains – despite all that it fixed global warming. It’s also much better than that metaphor.

I saw it one sunday morning on the BBC and my life has not been quite the same since.

Essentially, it’s about a biologist who became ‘mama bird’ to a bunch of turkey eggs who later became turkeys. The beauty of it is that despite it sounding like a rubbish premise it is phenomenal.

The biologist narrates it and he sounds so much like Forrest Gump – it surely is a low-key sequel. And the dialogue, the filming, the story – they’re all amazing. It fills you with peace, teaches you how to live and makes you glad to be alive. Could you ask for much more?

This is what our biologist says to all you doubters:

Spending this time alone with a bunch of birds may appear close to insanity to you. But you don’t know turkeys like I do.

If you ever have an hour free, sit and watch this. I can’t tell you how good it is. You need to find out for yourself!

And when you inevitably love it… make sure you tell the world.