Jon’s best reaction to Miley Cyrus


Wasps aren’t relevant to this post, but there were 4 of them on my car today and that’s special.

Ever since twerking got welcomed in to the oxford dictionary I’ve started to think that I need a formal reaction to Miley Cyrus. I need a stance on the issue, because it has somehow become part of my life.

So it’s lucky that Bastille went on Radio 1’s live lounge and summed up my feelings through the medium of song. They cover Miley’s recent single but not the one where she licks a sledgehammer.

It’s sounds great, but it also helps me with my Miley Cyrus issues. At around 2.55 in the clip you’ll hear a bit of old man Cyrus. Billy Ray’s song mashes its way in and Bastille sing:

Don’t break his heart, his achey breaky heart. I just don’t think he’ll understand.

And it is musical, lyrical perfection. It says be careful, Miley, but it says it in a fun song so that no one can be sad about it. So whenever someone asks me what I think about the new Miley, I’ll point them to this video.

Just like I’m pointing you to it now. It’s good in more ways than I’ve said here, so find out for yourself:

Happy Thursday.