Steve’s best Russian news story


Russia seems like an odd place. I’ve never been there but I’ve heard, from people that have, that it is slightly odd.

I suppose, to some extent, that is true for all countries that aren’t our little island, but I have the impression it is accentuated in Russia. It has such an interesting history of power struggles and dictatorships masquerading as communism, which would inevitably bring about some quirks.

But this news article certainly is a bit weird, maybe even too weird for Russia: Russian lawyers tried suing Warner Brothers because Dobby, as in Dobby from Harry Potter, looks too much like Vladimir Putin.

What?! Really?!

Although, to be fair, he really does. The likeness is striking.


Yet, this seems a little bit extreme. Essentially, these Russian lawyers are arguing that Warner Brothers specifically modelled Dobby’s face on Putin, rather than Putin simply having a house-elf look about him.

Sometimes my eyes can look a bit like frog’s eyes but that doesn’t mean that my parents should sue the Muppets because Kermit looks too much like me! Although, he was around first so maybe the Muppets should sue my parents…

It all just seems a bit crazy, but I do really hope the Russians win and take down Warner Brothers for belittling their President. Mainly because this will mean a judge, or multiple judges, will necessarily come to the verdict that Putin looks like Dobby. Officially, Putin will look like Dobby. AMAZING!

My favourite thing about this article is the Newsround poll – if you ever want an honest answer then just ask kids and teenagers, they’ll tell you what they think in a brutal manner. Hopefully this poll will be cited by the prosecution as a whopping 54% thought Putin and Dobby were separated at birth, pretty convincing figures for any lookalike.

I wish I could have been there when the lawyers first met up to discuss the likeness of their, frankly terrifying president, to a weak, punching-bag character in a huge film franchise:

“Hey Josef, have you seen the new Harry Potter film?”

“Yeah Boris, I saw it last night. There was one thing that bothered me though, you know Dobby, don’t you think he looks a bit like…”

“Yes! Exactly what I was thinking! It’s uncanny!”

“Someone has to tell him, Warner Brothers cannot get away with this.”

[Both in unison] “Shotgun not me!”

I’m certainly glad that Boris and Josef survived telling their president otherwise this incredible lawsuit would never had existed.