Steve’s best “two first names” experience

The don of two first names

Gareth Barry, the don of two first names

Recently, one of my good friends from home (big-up the York massive) got engaged to a nice man. Obviously I was very happy for them (especially because this friend wants about 50 babies) and congratulated them on this next step in life.

However, something brilliant, which initially didn’t strike me, was told me by the aforementioned friend: she was to become the girl with two first names!

Now, many people have two first names, for instance my middle name is Ian, but this guy’s last name is also a first name. To protect the anonymity of them both, let’s say his last name is Barry (like the footballer), and his first name is Gareth (like the same footballer).

Amongst our group of friends, Gareth Barry was frequently referred to as the “boy with two first names”, so much so that I often didn’t understand who my friend was talking about if she called him Gareth.

Well, this “two first names” phenomena appeared again recently at my place of work. We were running some focus groups and two respondents sat down together. As a warm-up exercise they were asked to introduce the person next to them and, as luck would have it, we had Beverley Dawn and Dawn Beverley in adjacent seats!

This blew my mind!

What were the chances of that happening?!

The cynics amongst us said that one of them was probably lying and that it seemed too convenient, but I wish to believe those were their real names and it was fate which brought them together to bring that extra bit of joy to my day.

Immediately I wished I had two first names, just like Gareth Barry, so I could find my opposite name buddy and spread the amazingness of this occurrence all over the world, we could even join a modern day circus.

Hence, my advice to any of you who may feel short changed by the fact you haven’t got a real last name (no offence Gareth Barry), find your opposite name buddy and take a picture together, maybe with your birth certificates, it’ll definitely be a keeper…