Jon’s best underpants drink from Hong Kong


What’s in the mystery teapot? – Surprises, of course.

If you ever have to entertain a bunch of kids on stage, then the underpants brew is a great option for you. All you need to do is fill a tea pot with half tea and half coffee and make your audience, one by one, guess what the drink is.

After a while you suggest a look inside the pot and you reveal, in mock horror, a pair of underpants that have been brewing there the whole time.

That’s a fun intro any talk, but it’s not the best thing today. My best thing is the underpants drink in real life – unfortunately minus the briefs.


Yuanyang (pictured to the right) is a combination of coffee and Hong Kong-style milk tea and you can make it yourself.

You can serve it hot in the winter months, but I hear that cold and on ice is best. It’s the perfect thing to impress your fancy friends.


But where this drink really shines is in the history of it’s title. Because it’s named after these mandarin ducks:


As you can see, the Yuanyang ducks look nothing alike. The male is the flamboyant one who dresses like it’s carnival all the time – the female has a more subtle appeal. They are two unlike things meeting to form an odd couple.

Are you seeing the parallels with the drink yet? It was this odd couple connotation that inspired the naming decision. Coffee and milk tea are different but together – just like the ducks.

This is the beverage that Tom Cruise and Miranda Hart would drink if they got together. It’s the best way to celebrate the odd couples in the world.

It’s for the guy who thought of bacon ice cream and the brave souls who put cheese on their christmas cake.

When I drink it I will think about David Cameron rapping on a snoop dog track or this movie: