Steve’s best lost property notice

Hello all you lovely people that read our blog! I know there are some of you because you’ve said something like, “I like your blog”, to me, which is much nicer than, “I’ve tried my hardest to avoid your blog” (you know who you are…well, actually, you probably don’t because you’re not reading this)!

After an arduous time in the rural parts of Europe, Jon and I (you can thank me later grammarians) have gruellingly uncovered a multitude of new best things. We have turned over every stone and sought comfort in the embracing arms of hard labour, to bring you insights and clarity to an otherwise inconsistent world.

We’re back and recharged to deliver a slew of new and great best things!

Well, in fact, I went to Paris for a week, it was nice…

To kick us off again, I thought I would talk on a subject close to anyone and everyone’s heart, Lost Property. It’s never there when we need it and always there when we don’t. If you’ve ever lost something on a train or in a cab, you know that unless Doris from across the road discovers your wallet by a happy coincidence whilst she was on her way to feed the ducks bread (don’t feed ducks bread, you’re causing ducklings to suffer from malnutrition), then you’ll never find it again.

But it’s always there to reunite me with ugly clothing which I never really wanted in the first place. I suppose, in those instances, lost property has it’s place.

Anyway, my best lost property notice is this one, found on a highly ranked British university’s notice board:


Now, if this is real, I find it incredible that someone has such faith in humanity, and I sincerely hope they found their £10, but I suspect it is fake.

Initially the genius of this didn’t sink in, but on further consideration, this is a brilliant idea! If a £10 note is now found and the person who finds it is honest and they have seen the noticeboard (this is beginning to become slightly far-fetched), then they will track this person down and give them the £10 note. This is of course how lost property works.

However, £10 notes are not uncommon, many people must lose one everyday. This person has hit upon a very sneaky way to reap the benefits of this human trait – very wily.

This could be extended to £20 even £50 notes with the hope that someone on campus loses one and another finds it. It is a simple and devious idea.

So beware the lost property notice for a £10 note, it may lure you in with its laughable ways, but its potency is not to be trifled with…

It’s nice to be back.