Not Jon’s best thing about being an introvert

introvert fish

Me and Steve (sorry grammarians), are away collecting best things until Monday. But before normal service resumes, let’s try something experimental.

The thing is, I want to be able to find out the best thing about stuff that I know nothing about. So I am using this blog downtime to ask people who specifically aren’t me.

Specifically, these people are you. And today’s question is ‘What’s the best thing about being an introvert?’

First let me define the term in the nice way, the one that’s probably correct:

Someone who feels more energized by time spent alone than time spent with other people.

This is quite a specific definition, but that’s what I’m interested in today.

The key thing is that being an introvert in this case is not about being quiet or shy. The loud, confident-sounding people can be introverts too. Because it’s all about how much you like to spend time alone.

I am presuming there are benefits to this personality type. This is because I know that most things have at least some benefits. The problem is I couldn’t possibly pick the best thing about being an introvert because I just don’t know it.

I’m the sort of person that thinks some alone time would be good, but then when it comes I wonder where all the people have gone. I want them back because my thoughts just work better when there are others nearby.

So I’m asking all the people more introverted than myself to tell me their highlights. What is the best thing about being an introvert? Feel free to comment, argue with me (though I haven’t said that much) or just stay anonymous.

However, the poll below is designed to be so unsuitable that you will simply have to express yourself for real in the comments.

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