Steve’s best game to play on a walk


Many times I have been walking in my life, and many times I’ve thought, “I wish I were playing a game right now.” I often find myself playing mind games, like Word Association, I Spy or Convince Someone They Walk Really Oddly, but these are rarely satisfactory. Particularly when I Spy gets all abstract and someone has spied “discontent” (probably because we’ve been playing this stupid game for 30 minutes).

Hence, a new, more physical game is frequently called for. Now if items to play an actual game exist, such as a ball, it’s unlikely that I will be “going on a walk” any more, it’ll be an extended 5 mile game of “catch”, or “throw the ball at someone who has repeatedly told me they don’t want to play catch”.

So what can you do when you want to keep the focus of the walk as a walk, but you also want to play a game? The best solution is the ingenious game called “rock”.

Now, this is not a poor man’s “rock, paper, scissors” where both players are locked in a never-ending draw, but a beautiful game which harnesses strength, competition, spacial awareness, keen eyesight and pure deviousness.

Here is a picture of Jon a few years ago almost winning rock. Jon lost because he got greedy…

Playing rock

The game play for “rock” is outlined below:

1) The game is played by 2 or more players. There is a solo version of rock but only lame-o’s or geologists play this version.

2) To begin the game, Player 1 picks up a rock and presents it to Player 2. As he shows the rock to Player 2 he must confidently say “rock”, otherwise the “rock presentation” is invalid.

3) Player 2 acknowledges the “rock presentation” with a kind, but competitive phrase such as, “I like your rock but I shall now find a bigger rock”

4) Player 2 then goes in search of a what they perceive to be a bigger rock.

NB. this game is all about size, there are no prizes for interestingly shaped rocks, I don’t care if it looks like a face!

5) Player 2 then shows the rock to Player 1 (the “rock presentation”) and the two decide whether or not the rock is bigger, the “judgement of rock”.

6) Should the rock be bigger, Player 1 responds with a phrase similar to, “Oh, you got me there, that is a big rock, but I’m going to find a bigger one.”

7) Play continues until the biggest rock is found


1) You’ve got to be able to carry your rock for at least a minute, no standing on a mountain and saying “rock” you big cheat

Generally this game can be summed up in one sentence: “find the hugest rock possible and show it to someone!”

Hopefully, I’ve outlined to you a game which will keep you entertained for years to come. If you do want a softer, more urbanised version you can always play “leaf” but it’s not quite the same…