Steve’s 10 best things about having dual citizenship

Hi I’m Stephen and I was born in Canada.

This is how I normally begin conversations with people I don’t know, just to get it out in the open. Some might say I’m too eager, I would have to disagree.

As you may know (particularly if you’ve ever met me), I was born in Canada and I currently live in Britain meaning that I have the luxury of dual citizenship. Because not all people can join in this beautiful merging of nationalities, I thought I would give you insight into the 10 best things about having dual citizenship.

1) I’ve got two passports so I look like a spy. All the girls swoon when they see the deep bluey-green of the Canadian passport and the velvet red of the British. They think I’m mysterious.


2) I can stick up a flag in my room, which looks pretty cool, but no-one can judge. It’s currently the only thing of any interest on my walls…

3) I’m immediately that little bit more interesting. Take any boring conversation, add a bit of Canadian birth, and bam! the person I’m talking to will be, or at least they’ll pretend to be, interested.

4) I can cheer for both the Summer AND Winter Olympics. Britain does pretty well in the Summer Olympics and Canada, Oh Canada, does well in the Winter Olympics (if and only if we win the ice hockey though, otherwise the rest was just a massive waste of time)


5) If I don’t understand a nostalgic joke (possibly because I led a sheltered childhood) I can just say, “well I probably wasn’t here for that!” It’s worked many times, I’ve still got no idea, nor do I care, who the Sylvanian families are.

6) I’m immediately comrades with 34.5 million other people. If I see a stray Canadian on holiday I  feel a sense of kinship, even if I never speak to them.

7) I have a rational excuse for having a ridiculous accent. I can’t say the letter “r” or the word “car” very well, and I don’t sound like I’m from the North of England even though I am. But who cares, I’ve come a long way since the age of 11.

8) I can claim bragging rights about anyone from either country. What do Isaac Newton and Justin Bieber have in common? Boasts of them both come out of my mouth (I’ll let you guess which one I’m actually proud of)


9) I can live and get a job in one of two places. The world is my oyster in either land, I don’t have to worry about a visa or any of that crazy stuff!

10) I can be homeless in one of two places. If the aforementioned job doesn’t quite work, well, they can’t kick me out! That’s got to count for something…