Jon’s best real-life superhero team


Every so often things are just so good that you don’t believe them for a while. Like good exam results – or pumpernickel.

The Rain City Superhero Movement in Seattle is one of those things for me.

Since 2011, Phoenix Jones (posing for GQ up top) has been fighting crime in a costume. He is the lovechild of the neighbourhood watch and batman – which was an awkward conception.

His initial crime fighting has expanded to include a whole team of heroes. They come with names like Thorn, Green Reaper, Thunder 88 and Buster Doe. Unbelievable! This is pretty much a lighter version of ‘Kickass’ – but one that also happens to be real.

So far these guys have caught a sex offender, stopped car jackings, broken up countless fights and even helped stranded cars on highways. It’s not all hollywood stuff but it’s pretty impressive.

But how do you get in this club? Unfortunately, you need more than an eccentric name.

They only let people in with a mixed martial arts or military background. You also need to have a healthy respect for the law. Phoenix himself is a semi professional fighter with a triple black belt. That’s more belts than I have trousers.

You’ll find his origin story on wikipedia and a recent article in the telegraph – in case you thought I was making this up. It is totally worth a read.


Angle-Grinder Man has 639 likes on facebook

If you are one of our British readers thinking that this stuff never happens on these shores then think again. We had Angle-Grinder Man who made it his job to free clamped cars so that the owners would escape parking tickets.

But that was completely illegal and happened over ten years ago now. So when is the next hero going to rise in this United Kingdom? Maybe we should take a leaf out of the chaps in Madrid who mail people’s dog poo back to them…

Finally (and well done if you got this far) – check out Phoenix Jones’ youtube channel for some shaky videos of interesting things.