Jon’s best way to impress a woman


If there were ever two people in the history of the world that knew how to truly make women swoon, it would be Lord Byron and Kanye. That’s obvious. You were all thinking that, right?

And that is because the best way to impress a lady and ultimately win her heart is through their art form – poetry. Or more specifically, poetry and confidence.

Now let’s be clear about something: this isn’t about pick up lines or writing rhymes on a napkin. It’s not even about the ‘hit her with a haiku’ seduction technique (more about this in future blogs). This is bigger than that all that.

Because poetry, as I’m defining it here, is this:

Choosing exactly the right words to help people discover new things, or rediscover old things.

But how does that help you in a romantic sense?

Well, if you speak the right words then she’ll discover the things that make you good. She might even rediscover floaty, happy feelings and other things you might find in romantic comedies.

So work on your poetry, man!

In a time before mass literacy, local celebrities were the ones who could string a sentence together in a memorable way. They would be called upon to use their gift at every occasion and people loved them.

Times have changed, but not that much – because poetry didn’t die in the pages of a heavy textbook or the updates of a desperate blogger. It lives in that funny thing you said, or the time you complimented someone and they didn’t think you were creepy.

And that is my best way to impress a woman. Use poetry – in a loose sense!

Think of the best things you’ve ever said, the most sincere, the funniest, the most interesting – and channel that poetic energy into your conversations. That way your girlfriend, your wife or that girl you know, might just be impressed.

She might not be though. She might be confused. This is the best way to impress a woman, but not necessarily the most effective – or the easiest.

It sure worked for Byron and Kanye though.