Jon’s best gadget gift


It’s dangerous to ask for a gadget as a present. You’ll be hoping for something useful, innovative and a bit of fun but you might end up with Dave the funky shoulder monkey.

But for my first wedding anniversary I did ask for a gadget and I got something really good. It’s not flashy or immediately impressive, but it is a magnet that means you can stick stuff to your dashboard.


So when you pay your £7 you get one big magnet (as pictured) and three smaller metallic plates.

You attach the big magnet to your dashboard and the metallic plates to your phone, your sat nav, or whatever you want.

It’s simple and effective and it doesn’t screw with the electrics of your devices. The main issue is finding a spot on your dashboard. Mine had to be placed a bit off centre but that’s only the mildest annoyance.

You can obviously imagine the uses for this – it holds stuff and helps you to not get points on your license when you’re on the phone in the car.

In yesterday’s apocalyptic rain shower it saved the day. Actually all it did was help me ring my wife to tell her I was late but it was raining a lot so that felt more impressive…

This is the best gadget gift today because it actually improves my life and I use it almost every day. It also is pretty cheap so buy it here – or somewhere else if you like researching.

If you’re after sheer novelty value though you need this:


It’s a customisable branding iron for your barbecue food. I need it. I need it for the one barbecue I have each year…