Steve’s best 20 minutes of radio in years


A week ago yesterday I was listening with bated breath to the Zane Lowe show on Radio 1, waiting for the newest release from The Naked And Famous as his Hottest Record. Little did I know, but I was about to experience the best 20 minutes of radio I’d heard in years – probably ever.

Now, me being slow to respond and slightly lazy, I decided to tell you about these glorious 20 minutes after they had been taken down from BBC’s iPlayer and you could no longer listen to them online, sorry about that.

But don’t worry, because, through the magic of “The Youtube” and the world wide web, I’m able to send you hyperlinks to all these amazing songs. Just imagine the New Zealander’s excruciatingly positive tones linking you between each video and it’ll be like he’s watching them with you.



I tuned in at approximately 7:20pm last Tuesday to be struck by the gorgeous electronic sounds of Sub Focus feat. Kele with Turn It Around. It really set my evening off well. The slower chorus with a basic melody, followed by Kele’s distinctive vocals, followed by a crescendo into a faster chorus with the same basic melody and finally followed by the fast chorus with Kele’s vocals over it. It’s very radio friendly and pretty accessible as songs go, check it out:



After this was the flipping catchy Fashion Killa by A$AP Rocky. In my opinion, it’s definitely the sample and beat which makes this song, it’s easy to sing along to and the long tailed bass drums add lots of depth. However, I am also impressed by the amount of brands A$AP rhymes with “ah”, especially for someone with a dollar sign in their name. Who does that?! Click the link, click the link, click the link:



Eventually came the track I had been waiting over a year for: Hearts Like Ours by The Naked And Famous. By this point, my expectations were soaring given how much I had liked the previous two songs, and I was fully prepared to be disappointed as I wasn’t sure TNAF could match up.

Now, I have to be honest (mainly because I have little reason to lie), I was initially slightly disappointed with the new song. Not because I disliked it any way but because it was missing that ‘je ne sais quoi’ (check out how pretentious that was, I bet if that phrase was a person they would buy a guacamole kit), which I had become accustomed to from TNAF. They even confirmed this to me after the song when they told Zaney that they were deliberately trying to hold back – that hurt!

Yet, my journey with this song didn’t end here. Over the next few days I listened to it more and more until it was difficult to understand why I hadn’t fallen in love with it in the first place. I now think it is an absolutely incredible song, so listenable, a catchy chorus and I’ll be one of those many people shouting back this song at them when they descend on London in November.

So, you’ve finally reached the end of this post. It was pretty long. Congratulations. To reward yourself I would click on the link below, who knows what mysteries it will hold…