Steve’s best quintology


The Die Hard quintology is frankly brilliant! I’ve never discovered a series of films which really hit the nail on the head in terms of the film relating to the name.

Those people really do die hard!

Not only that, but as we pass through the series, the names continue to be inspired. My particular favourite is Die Hard 2: Die Harder. Wow, I know exactly what to expect just from the name and I’m already super stoked!

Another strong appeal of this quintology is that it doesn’t sugar-coat the action with any of this peculiar concept of “plot”, it just has lots of fighting and explosions which are, frankly, ridiculous if it weren’t for the fact that it’s John McClane who is the protagonist.

That man can do almost anything apart from age (Bruce Willis really hasn’t changed that much in 24 years, just a whole lot balder)! He even saves Christmas in the first one, not many of us can say we’ve done that.

I just love how simple the whole concept is yet it continues to suck me in. Having recently watched A Good Day To Die Hard I can attest to how enjoyable the brawler, “Imma shoot whoever I want” mentality of John McClane is. He doesn’t really ask questions but he certainly gets the job done.

Overall, I would highly recommend these films, not for the high brow drama but simply, amongst a multitude of other reasons, to learn how to properly rock a vest.

Those hipsters have nothing on John McClane…