Steve’s best product from Sainsbury’s


Calling all of those people out there who are too pretentious to buy ready-made guacamole, Sainsbury’s has got something for you.

Are you disgusted by the idea of guacamole in a squeezy bottle? Frightened by the prospect that your guacamole may not be solely made of fresh ingredients? Where does the roughly chopped red onion even go in a squeezy bottle?!

And, although it is slightly better, does the disgraceful notion that your guacamole was made in a mass produced context make you want to wretch?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes then may I propose to you one of the best things Sainsbury’s sells, the guacamole kit!

Now this contains everything you need for a bang up, high quality, homemade bit of guac (pronounced gwak), red onion, garlic, chilli, lime, and of course, the vital part of any self respecting bowl of guac, avocados.

It really is a great addition to Sainsbury’s and genuinely makes me happy every time I buy and use one. It’s particularly simple because you just chop it all up and then throw it together in a bowl, pretty much no thought required.

However, I understand that the entire world isn’t like me and not everyone has guacamole – to that I say, “that’s ridiculous, world! Just because it looks a little bit like a massive bowl of particularly toxic phlegm does not mean you should avoid it! It’s also good for you.”

In addition to its easy-to-use nature, it is also a great saving in terms of money – 2 avocados alone cost £2 whereas you get the entire guacamole kit for £2.29 – wow!

So for all you penny pinching, simple minded, fresh guacamole lovers, you need to get yourself down to Sainsbury’s and lap up this fantastically posh product – it’ll revolutionise your soon-to-be-famous Mexican nights forever.