Jon’s best multi-tool

A mighty but tiny Axe

Time to create a bit of balance on double post Friday

So with Steve giving us something pretentious and wonderful, I wanted to show everyone something a little more rugged. Something a little less Sainsburies.

My best thing today is my multi-purpose pocket axe. Something that every human needs.

It’s a screw driver, a hammer, a knife, a saw and most importantly an axe. What more could you need in life? The answer is nothing.

The best bit about the pocket axe is it’s wow-factor. It is genuinely a surprise to most people and it certainly was to me. My old boss got me it as part of a birthday present and it was genuinely the best thing. I did not have to fake any joy.

I would recommend this as a gift to give any person who has a tool box. It’s a bunch of fun and sort of practical.

Last Christmas, for instance, I used it to chop a Christmas tree into the right shape to fit in its pot. I was the Christmas hero – like a more functional Santa Claus.

So that’s my recommendation today – buy a cool version of the pocket axe here. It is statistically more powerful and less pretentious than an avocado kit.

Though I will also buy one of those.