Jon’s best place to pitch a tent


On our summer blog trip myself, Steve and special guest contributor Jocelyn (who is surprisingly a male) found this amazing beach which is perfect for camping. We know this because we camped on it.


The only bad thing about this beach is that it is nowhere near anything. Unless of course you live in Mallaig, northwest Scotland. In that case it’s actually quite convenient. It’s where the B is on the map because B stands for best things.

You’ll find it on your left hand side if you take the B8008 and you’re allowed to camp there because you’re pretty much allowed to camp wherever you like in Scotland. You just have to be considerate, stay mostly out of sight and don’t leave any rubbish. Otherwise the naturists will be after you and no one likes an angry naked person.

So if you’re not convinced about this place let me tell you that the locals are friendly, the sand is soft, the water is crystal clear (though a bit sea weedy…) and the scenery is immense. You should just go there. No excuses. Just try and make sure you get the good weather.

Because when we went the sunset looked like this:Image

And if you’re worried about how to keep your drinks cold, just make sure you bring some rope…

coca cola wild fridge

That’s today’s best thing folks – have we changed your life yet?