Steve’s best song using Autotune

Mr Hudson, There Will Be Tears, is an absolutely amazing song.

It’s got a subject matter which many people can empathise with at some point in their life, even if it’s just cutting onions:

“There will be teeeeaaaars, I’ve no doubt” – confidence is the game when cutting onions, don’t kid yourself that you’ve got tear glands of steel, it’ll make the pain all the more bearable.

But the track’s liberal use of autotune allows Mr Hudson to really nail those castrated-esque high notes, bringing a range to this song.

I really do love this piece of music, it feels so passionate and sparse, not bombarding you with too much noise yet enough to satisfy. It reminds me of the beautiful Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap.

Both these records are from yesteryear, disappointingly I’m not showing you anything new, but hopefully reminding you of the joy they both can bring, or even highlighting to you a song you may never have heard.

Who knows, they might even rekindle your long lost love of Billy 1-2-3.