Steve’s best (coolest) Montenegrin name


As most people will be aware of, Coca-Cola recently started a marketing campaign where they put names on bottles, primarily, I think, to make people feel awkward when purchasing a Coke with someone else’s name on.

There’s nothing quite like picking up a Coke with Angela written on the side and drinking it with all conviction, perhaps only super-ceded by the joy of giving a Coke to your best friend Barry, because, let’s be honest, a name like Barry simply deserves a Coke, no questions asked.

But, despite the deep-set embarrassment this whole Coke situation can cause, I’m certainly glad they did it otherwise I would never have discovered this Montenegrin name (that’s right, it’s another sudo-story from my holiday, deal with it)…


What a wicked name! I really want to be their friend, they know all the cool places before they’re cool, they know how to dress super awesome, they know what’s up – kind of like this chicken – and their life looks like an Instagram vomit! Who wouldn’t want to know them?!

At this point I realise that Hipsterka might be an aptronym, brought to my attention by Jon from an earlier blog post (check that out, this blog taught me something).

However, my absolute favourite thing about this name was that they put Ka on the end. I believe this to be an homage to the delightful Ford KA – the car all the cool kids want. Mine is so retro it even has a tape deck.

Despite all this wishful thinking on my part, I do believe that it is just a name, an awesome name at that, but simply a Montenegrin name, deserving of the title: Steve’s best (coolest) Montenegrin name.

My guess is they look something like this…

hipsterka man