Steve’s 3 best things about the animals of Belgrade

Hi all, I’m back from holiday and I went to Belgrade amongst other places. Because I currently don’t have a more effective outlet for boring people about my holiday I’ll have to do it here.

So this Friday is Steve’s 3 best things about the animals of Belgrade:


1) This chicken exists. It’s amazing! Look at how scraggly it is, probably rife with diseases, but they just let it chill. It certainly knows what’s up.

2) There are loads of stray dogs in Belgrade, just running around, and most of them hang out in Kalemegdan park – a really nice historical fortress oddly containing a tennis club and two basketball clubs.

It’s quite odd seeing dogs running around and I quickly equate wild dogs with rabies. Seriously. Even if my friend’s dog doesn’t have it’s collar on I immediately start looking for frothing at it’s mouth. Maybe I’m just afraid of naked dogs. Dogs should always have at least a collar on, it’s indecent and imprudent otherwise.

Anyway, apparently there’s this dog which everyone calls “Bear” (I highly approve of this name) and it lives by one gate of Kalemegdan park. He’s famous across Belgrade because when revellers are leaving their places of party, and they’re still going at the partying, Bear decides to follow and party along with you.

But he doesn’t just follow anyone, he follows the people who are partying the most. You know you’re a real party don when you’ve got a party dog following you!

3) Finally, in Kalemegdan park there is also a zoo. Now this zoo is a sad zoo because, despite the large number of animals, it isn’t recognised as a zoo by any international organisation as it doesn’t give enough space to all its animals (source: non-cited Wikipedia sentence which a man who doesn’t know the difference between an apple and an Apple may have written whilst biting down hard on his iPod).

And there really isn’t enough room for the animals. Some animals just want to get out and ramble and this is exactly what one monkey, Sami, did.

5 times.

He was a great monkey, adored by many, a poster-chimp to plenty of human ladies across the city and just a really nice guy.

Once he escaped the zoo, he would walk around town, just maxing and relaxing with the common folk, being a very sociable chimp indeed. When the zoo keepers came to take him back, people would surround him and refuse – the sign of one loved primate.

Now I hope that inspired you to go to Belgrade. If not for the culture then the animals. If not for all the animals, then maybe just one animal. This animal.

The chicken king of Belgrade.

Chicken king