Jon’s best reason to not work on a friday


While some people, like Steve, have been on holiday looking at quite wonderful chickens, others have had to stay at home and work as normal – enjoying the sun as a spectator not a participant. I am one of the latter group.

But on our traditional double post Friday I want to give those of us stuck at work a reason to take a break and do something different. That reason – the best reason in fact – is because there is a butterfly in your office.

Which is what happened to me yesterday and that’s how I got the title picture. I discovered that it is impossible to work with a butterfly. They don’t know anything about “moving forward” or doing things before “the end of play”. And you need those phrases to survive in my office.

Also I am often worried that I might eat one of them in a sort of tragic accident. All it would take is a yawn and a very specific flight path.

So if you too want a butterfly distraction then a quick search will tell you that they like sugar coated roses. (Just like ladies, right?) Also they like “Orange juice from oranges” but not orange juice from pears or any other type of fruit.

So that’s my recommendation today. Lure a butterfly into your office and watch the fun happen. Or join in – we certainly enjoyed project help-the-butterfly and you could too.

Jon out. (I think we should start doing walkie talkie sign offs…)