Steve’s Best thing about the weekend


Wow! So this weekend has been wicked!

A whole load of things came together in a smorgasbord of amazingness, it was off the hook (in my head I sound way cooler).

To start with a classic British-ism, the weather was phenomenal. We never get sun and Saturday and Sunday were frankly fantastic, we even had ice lollies on Friday at work – I made the solid choice of a Twister and definitely didn’t regret it.

Then, on Saturday, me and 65,000 other people descended upon Stratford (not the “upon Avon” one but the other one, made famous by those Olympics), and enjoyed a raucous day of music.

This gig (day festival) six bands strong in the Olympic park was called Gentleman On The Road. It was made up of Bear’s Den, Haim, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, Ben Howard, Vampire Weekend and Mumford and Sons. It was, as aforementioned, wicked!

From my day spent on the lovely astro-turf clad ground, I learnt that Haim are good live, but it’s incredibly hard to understand what they’re saying. Most of their set sounded like in tune mumbles with a cleverly placed “hey!” here and there.

I also learnt that the lead singer of Edward Sharpe et al. is awesome at whistling! Seriously! He’s really good!

Anyway, you should totally check out a bit of Bear’s Den, I’d never heard of them and I was pleasantly surprised.

Moving on to Sunday and we saw the first British men’s Wimbledon champion for 77 years! That was pretty good. But we all should have thought this was clear because today was the 7th day of the 7th month and Murray had been to 7 grand slam finals before! If that isn’t written in the stars then I don’t know what is…

So what was the best thing about my weekend? Well, it’s actually very little to do with any of that: I remembered that I’m going on holiday on Wednesday.

And I’m flipping excited…