Steve’s best trending topics


Today I looked at the Metro website, fully hoping to see if they had a list of their page 3 columns (widely different from the Sun’s), when I stumbled across this fantastic list of trending topics.

It just doesn’t make sense.

There are so many big things going on in the world, a global financial crisis, Egypt’s president has been overthrown by a military coup and we just want to know about a woman marrying a bridge. To be fair though, the bridge is a bit of a fitty!

Now I understand that the regular news can be a bit heavy, it’s really pretty sad, but is the thing I really want to talk/read about (however their trending topics work) that a burglar was caught cooking eggs in the nude?!


Obviously it is important to have a knowledge of worldwide issues and problems but it’s brilliant to know that there are tampons out there which you can hide your booze in. In fact, there is a wide range of products designed specifically to get alcohol into clubs. First we create fire, then electricity and now, after years of innovation, we have a bottle of suncream which actually stores alcohol!

I just love the Metro and the stories it produces. I would encourage anyone to pick up the Metro and read its page 3 as it’s often filled with little gems of “news”. There was once a story about how to weigh a baby owl by wrapping its wings up – slightly sad looking but also super cute.

So the Metro produces my best trending topics simply by having a ludicrous yet alluring list. I would check back again tomorrow as I’m sure the list will have changed and will be full of more scintillating reads. Fingers crossed the bridge filing for divorce isn’t on there…