Jon’s best animal vs human fight


There’s an article kicking around the guardian that tells the story of a man who fought a bear. You can read the whole story here, and that’s really where my best thing ends. It’s a good story – read it.

But let me tell you somethings about why it was such a good story in case you don’t have time for the guardian…

The man was protecting his family – a wife and three kids (with him) – so he had a reason to fight. As for the bear, it was on its last legs, weakened but reckless.

The man is called Todd Burke which is almost aptronym. He has the sort of name that could kill a bear.

The best thing about this story is the quotes though. I’ll give you some now.

“Hey, bear,” I shouted. “Get out of here!”…

I struck the bear as hard as I could, five or six times, aiming for the eyes and nose.

Laura tells me I was actually wrestling with the bear at this point.

Are you starting to realise how much of a hero this guy is? He actually has seven other kids that weren’t there. That means at least ten people now have a father who punched a bear in the face.

And the most impressive thing is that he won. The bear ran away. Well maybe more impressive is that his baby slept through the whole thing – that’s classic Burke genes

Anyway, I just wanted to introduce you to Mr Burke and let you know that he had the best ever fight with an animal. Thanks Todd.