Steve’s best way to get on TV

Tennis fans

Every year countries have great sporting events which get many involved and excited. Currently it is the Wimbledon championships which has gripped the nation (me), particularly because it’s a little bit crazy this time with all the seeds going out but also because we Brits have a great hope in Andy Murray.

Now each year these events get more and more busy, with more and more fans to come and cheer on their favourite players. Most people follow the classic reserved British clapping and then shutting up when the irate umpire says, “quiet please”, but there are a number which show their appreciation in a different way.

They like to go one step further than wearing their regular clothes, because, let’s be honest, they’re not as fun. And get rid of the notion of your normal face, that’s just a little bit boring! You need to realise that the only way to get over these two problems is dress up and paint your face, then you’ll be a proper sports fan.

And this is what people do, sometimes on their own (sad), in a pair (OK), or in a group (amazing). It adds life to the crowd and you can really tell they’re getting into the match, which inevitably means the TV cameras love them. Which leads me on to my best way to get on TV, go to a major sporting match, paint your face, dress up and look like you flipping care! It also helps if you’re pretty, just saying…

Obviously there are more exciting ways to get on TV, you could become an extra on a soap opera, jump up and down behind the guy whilst they’re filming the news, somehow be the subject of the news (in a non disastrous way), audition for Britain’s Got Talent as the first person to be able to sing out of their nose or even become one of the famous sports people yourself.

But each of these is either hard to do or you look like an idiot. Besides, it’s nice to show your support and to get the TV watching public surging along side you to cheer on your team.

Either that or you could streak.