Jon’s best business card


When this dropped into my life at quarter past two yesterday afternoon it was a bigger moment than I first thought. It was a first encounter because what looked to me like an ordinary business card was actually an ordinary business card of the future. Or at least it might be.

See the special thing about this business card is that it uses technology called Near Field Communication (NFC). The same technology used when arrogant people pay for things with a touch of their phones on adverts.It’s a way of passing a small piece of information from one device to another when they are in close proximity.

In this case, the business card has a secret chip in it that can tell a phone to do something (usually it directs you to a website). The demo card connected me to a site that I needed to sign up for – I didn’t want to do that. Admittedly that was a little underwhelming.

But the fact that a business card could take me somewhere online or automatically put contact details into my phone – that’s a good idea. A much better idea than these self heating beans.

You’ll find some more info about these cards on but they’re not actually available yet. I’ve signed up for more info about them because  NFC is nothing short of wizardry. These are going to be the best business cards around and anything that keeps the computer chips out of my brain is a good thing.

You might need to wait a few years for this to come good. It tends to be only the newest/most expensive HTCs and Samsungs that have NFC capacity (full list here) but already that’s not a massive deal. Also, they don’t lose their paper function just because they have a chip in them.

So that’s my reccomendation for today and it goes against what Apple think because no iphones have NFC capacity. Stupid Apple. Maybe.