Steve’s best corporate freebie

Today and yesterday the talk of the town amongst me and my co-workers has been about those brilliant little fluffy things which companies used to hand out, you know, those things about the size of a cotton wool ball with the sticky feet and the googly eyes. Often they had a ribbon which said something corporate like, “We work because we care” or “Excellence incarnate” or even the more forward “Work for us because we like putting a hefty profit on the projects you work on where we rake it in whilst you do all the work”.

And we would all be convinced by them because, let’s be honest, it was a flipping cute ball of fluff and feet and eyes which made us think these companies had a heart.

But where have they gone? Why don’t I have about five uselessly kicking around in my room? I don’t think I even got a single one at all the university career fairs I went to!

So this leads me on to my best corporate freebie in little circulation – the Weepul. Or Winnies. Or Wuppies. Or Logobugs. Whatever the name, we all know them, we’ve all owned one, and we all wish we could have 10,000 made just for ourselves


However, despite my perceived dormancy of the Weepul, there has been great growth and evolution, so much so that you can now even purchase a pregnant Weepul – how incredible is that?! Granted it is just another bit of cotton wool stuck onto the belly of a super tall Weepul but it blows my mind!

My true want is for them to super cede business cards because they are certainly more desirable. No longer will you have to take a business card begrudgingly, but now you can be handed a Weepul instead – customisable to your profession! Be you a fireman – there be a Weepul to match. Be you a policeman – there be a Weepul to match. Be you a doctor – THERE BE A WEEPUL TO MATCH! And, rather than have a wallet bursting with unwanted cards, you will now be able to create a city of Weepuls!

Check out this Weepul website below for yourself, and if it so takes you, order a few (250 minimum). But don’t forget to send me one as my Weepul-opolis is currently looking a bit sad…population zero.