Steve’s best thing which is kind of like a doughnut but not


Introducing one of the best – no THE best (to be fair that is the point of this blog) – thing which is kind of like a doughnut but not…the Quarkini!

This ball of joy displayed above is certainly one of the best discoveries I have made in recent years. It looks like a ball of dough and sugar and, gosh darnit, it tastes just like a ball of dough and sugar – ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! A Quarkini is typically very light, coated in cinnamon and sugar, and is described most often as something which is similar to a doughnut, except that it is a ball and there’s no jam or whole in the middle and it’s got no glazing and there’s no icing – so kind of “similar”.

Now you may be thinking – what an odd name, why is it called the Quarkini? And that is a fair question, what begs this crazy naming? Well the main reason is because it is made of quark cheese.

That’s right…CHEESE!

Originally I thought this was ridiculous, particularly because it tastes nothing of cheese, and when I started telling people that this spherical happiness was made of cheese, they too were in awe. But I’m assured that this type of cheese is commonly used for this purpose and that has settled my mind at ease somewhat.

I was also intrigued by the name because I somehow wished it to be related to the subatomic particles, almost expecting that someone had cracked the secret to deliciousness whilst conducting experiments with the Large Hadron Collider. That would certainly give it a practical application – uncovering the particle which gives mass to everything, good old Higg’s boson, and the particle which makes some food taste flipping amazing, the scrumptious meson.

Anyway, Quarkini’s haven’t seemed to make much of a splash on the British culinary scene, which is a shame because they are light, fluffy and, even between bites, you can forget quite how good they are.

Currently I’m only aware of them being sold in a shop in and around London called the Bread Shop, but try and get your hands on one. You won’t regret it.