Jon’s best new word


And there it is in all it’s glory – Pumpazing. Today, you’re really getting two bests in one post: a fantastic new word and a fantastic game to play if you’re a specific sort of person.

That title is so comically unclever that it just has to be loved. Whoever came up with it must have had quite the pitch: Pumpazing, like amazing but with more pump.

It needs to be in the dictionary, somewhere in between puma and punjabi. In my head it means “When something is trying really hard to be good but isn’t actually good”

Like “David Cameron is pumpazing at sports” or “This wine and cheese evening is pumpazing.” If all zero followers of this blog bandy together maybe we can make #pumpazing happen.

As for the game itself, you’ll know whether it’s for you based on this line:

Players must pump ZINGY to pop off the ZINGERS, but beware: if ZINGY goes UH-OH… you lose a ZINGY Card.

If A) You can’t read that because you are a child who can’t read OR B) That sounds pretty funny, then this is the game for you. Could it be used for a stag party, as a drinking game, as an interview team task? I’ll leave that up to you.

Meanwhile, check out the advert and tell me what you think:

That’s your daily dose of best things – have we changed your life yet?