Steve’s Best First Album















Hi everyone, thanks for checking out the first post ever on this blog – I certainly hope you are encouraged by its positivity!

Being the first post on this blog, I’ve decided to go for a classic “best first…” comment with it based around the best first album (or debut album) I have ever heard

The album I speak of is the flipping fantastic Passive Me, Aggressive You by the band every good Kiwi should know, The Naked And Famous. Despite the peculiar sounding name, I think each member of the band retains their clothing throughout the normal course of their day, I can’t vouch for this though.

However, irrespective of their birthday suit tendencies, they create some fantastic music. Perhaps it is to do with the period of musical history they have entered, using plenty of synthesisers and production, that I like them so much, but I believe in 20 years, when my musical taste has matured to accept classical music, albeit with a slight longing of a beat, I will look back on this album and smile.

It really is amazing – the singable choruses of Young Blood draw you in and the desirably lengthy No Way reminds you how potent a crashing of white noise really can be. Over the course of the album we are treated to a mixture of slow and fast songs with a beautiful long tailed bass drum in A Wolf In Geek’s Clothing. It concludes with production which leaves you begging for more – distorting all the right bits in all the right places.

I cannot bang on about this album enough because I am a serious fan of it. Which is why, with much excitement, I am looking forward to their second studio album – so much so that I will buy the album as soon as it comes out instead of umm-ing and ahh-ing about it, listening to it on Spotify, asking everyone I know who may have listened to it what they thought, picking it up in hmv longingly and then replacing it, eventually waiting until it is slightly cheaper and then pouncing…

I’m just going to buy it.

Bands which are kind of similar to The Naked And Famous are Chvrches, Mint Julep, London Grammar and Purity Ring, and by similar I mean that there are some electronics in there and they have a female singer. In fact I’ve only really heard one song by London Grammar and it sounded nothing like TNAF, I don’t even remember the name of the song I heard, I just thought it would make me look cool to mention them.

I hope you’re somewhat convinced that there is a possibility that this album is a smidgen as good as I say it is because then you might pick it up and discover this band. Hopefully you will realise I was justified in the accolades I awarded it. Either that or we may have to disagree – whose heard of The Beatles anyway?